Livestreaming at Inkle HQ

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

6:00 pm




Global Startup Structuring

Join us at Inkle for an evening dedicated to understanding Global Startup Structuring in partnership with Inventus Law

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Anil Advani

Founder & Managing Partner

Inventus Law

Ashitha Bhagwan

Managing Partner

Inventus Law India

Richard Peters

Patent Attorney & Partner

Inventus Law

Anand Krishna

Founder and CEO



The panel's insights will be invaluable to first-time founders looking to make their mark in the global arena & looking to navigate the complexities of international business

Deep dive on India>US entity incorporation, fundraising structures and recent regulations. Richard will also give a presentation on US trademarks, IP and royalty licensing, areas where he is an expert with decades of experience. Come, network with fellow attendees & our panelist over dinner & drinks.

The event will be live-streaming on Inkle's LinkedIn page

Join us for a Keynote on IP, Trademarks & Licensing by Richard Peters

Richard has practiced law for ten years & has extensive experience drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the software, electrical, semiconductor and data management fields. Richard currently represents over 150 companies. He has developed patent portfolios for clients who have been acquired by Apple, VMware, Google, HP, Cisco and iManage in acquisitions worth over $330,000,000

Come, network with fellow attendees & our panelist over dinner & drinks