We provide the highest levels of security to keep your data safe and maintain your privacy using common security norms.


Communication security using SSL Encryption

All communication is secured by using SSL AES 256-bit encryption. This is the highest level of encryption commercially available.


100% secret

We don't sell or disclose your data to anyone. At all. Ever.

Our employees are vetted and background checked.

Password Protection

Total Password Protection

Your passwords are encrypted and unaccessible even by us. Inkle team members use SSO where possible for all softwares, or encrypted password vaults with randomised passwords. API keys are all hashed before storing.


Multi-layered defence

All data is stored on secure AWS servers in the India region and backed up globally. Everything triple checked for zero obvious exposures. We undergo penetration-testing and proactively seek out ethical hackers to attempt to attack Inkle's systems regularly.


We're getting SOC-2

We take data security so seriously that we're spending a small fortune on going for SOC-2 at the very earliest stages of our journey. To protect you.

Responsible Disclosure

We welcome responsible vulnerability reports

Our company values security and encourages responsible reporting of vulnerabilities. If you discover a potential security issue, please report it to us.

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