the virtual CPA for
US cross-border startups

bookkeeping, tax & compliance
state, federal & intercompany


data stored encrypted on secure cloud servers in the US region


with chat at the core, we're faster, slicker, easier and more affordable


chat and automation software to reduce email clutter and get fast replies


designed specifically for multi-entity company groups


reminders to prepare, file and pay your taxes on a simple calendar


work with your CA/CPA in asynchronous secure portal chat

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Inkle is already used by hundreds of US tech companies

The majority of our customers are US-India structures
(a quarter of all YC India companies file with Inkle), but now we're going global!

Designed for speed, affordability and fast responses, Inkle is quickly becoming the go-to back office software for founders from Bangalore to Bogota to London.
Fast, slick service from the Founder!
Mainak S
Co-Founder - Explorex
Easy to use software, well thought out
Piyush V
Co-Founder - Jeevam Health
Much needed in this space, no bells and whistles needed - just the basics done well.
Founder - Edtech Startup


inkle has engaged on the backend of our SaaS product with experienced Silicon Valley-located qualified accountants who are experts in tax & compliance for US startups. Your work is being done by qualified professionals.

inkle is led by Bangalore-based Anand Krishna, who has advised dozens of US and India cross-border startups on structuring, tax and compliance from a founder's perspective. Anand launched inkle because he personally experienced the headache of US-India cross-border tax admin several times and is determined to solve the painpoints using software.

are you a cross-border founder?

Get our US-India handbook and talk to us about how you think a SaaS software can solve your painpoints around cross-border multi-entity tax, accounting, transfer pricing, finances, governance, compliance, legal, ESOPs, payroll, etc.

Contact us - we're building for your needs.


Inkle is based in Bangalore and led by Anand Krishna