A virtual mailbox that does it all

Get a permanent address, and a virtual mailbox to scan mail, forward packages, and more on your behalf

What you get

Benefits of using Inkle Mailbox


Protect Personal Information

Use a virtual address in place of your personal address


Freedom to Access Anywhere

Your physical mail is scanned for viewing on any device

📬 Virtual Mailbox

Manage your mail from wherever you are.

- We receive all mail and packages sent to your address on your behalf.

- Your mail then gets scanned, sorted, and uploaded to our platform for you to review.

- You can then view your mail and decide to shred, store, or forward it to another address by post.

🗑️ Secure Shred (Coming Soon)

Shred mail, securely.

- After reviewing your mail on our platform, you can choose to shred it or keep it.

- Shred confidential or mail that is no longer relevant securely with just a click.

- Setup automatic spam shredding to reduce clutter.

📦 Mail Forwarding

Just say the word, and we’ll forward it.

- Initiate a forward request easily by adding a forward address.

- Track the status of your forwarded mail from within our platform.

- Choose to get updates on the forwarded mail via e-mail or Slack.