March 1, 2024
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Delaware Franchise Tax Filing

Delaware's Division of Corporations requires that all business entities file an annual report.

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All corporations and LLCs in Delaware, regardless of business activities or location, are required to file and pay franchise taxes.


Failure to file taxes on time in Delaware results in a one-time penalty of $200, along with a monthly interest of 1.5% on the tax amount.

Due date

The annual deadline for Delaware Franchise Tax Filing is March 1st.

What is DFT Filling?

All business entities in Delaware must comply with the Division of Corporations by submitting an Annual Report and fulfilling their Franchise Tax obligation.

Domestic Corporations must make mandatory payments of a minimum of $400 in franchise tax and $50 in filing fee, based on either the Authorized Shares Method or the Assumed Par Value Capital Method.

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Delaware Franchise Tax Filing





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What is Delaware Franchise Tax?

The Delaware Franchise Tax is an annual tax imposed on businesses incorporated in Delaware or have a presence there. It is not a tax on income but on the privilege of conducting business in Delaware.

What is Delaware C corporation tax?

C corporations conducting business in Delaware must pay an annual fee known as the Delaware state franchise tax, a privilege fee for operating within the state's jurisdiction.

What happens if you don't pay Delaware Franchise Tax?

Not paying the Delaware Franchise Tax and failing to file the Annual Report for two consecutive years will lead to the State of Delaware's automatic administrative dissolution of the corporation.

Do I need to file a Delaware Franchise Tax & Annual Report?

If you have a Delaware C-Corp which was in existence during any calendar tax year (1st January to 31st December), then yes you must file the Annual Report and pay the Delaware Franchise Tax. This is going to cost you a minimum of $400 tax + $50 government filing fee, and possibly much more if you've raised in the millions.

Delaware Franchise Tax Filing: A Step-by-Step Guide

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