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We're on a mission to make accounting, tax and compliance easy, scalable, affordable and on-demand for global companies - using software.
And we're just getting started.

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India's strengths

At Inkle, we combine India's strengths: 
- World-class engineering
- Strong existing accounting offshoring industry
- Affordable quality

to deliver: 
- Best-in-class SaaS stack for your back office functions
- Clean, organised, beautiful dashboards
- Instant chat access
- Powered by skilled English-speaking, US-licensed CPAs and bookkeepers

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Our North Star

Very early on, we realised that building for founders of global startups was our North Star.

For too long, small multi-entity startups across the world could not access affordable, tech-driven, holistic back office administration.

Chat was the obvious answer, but no-one seemed to get it!

We've lived your painpoint, and aim to enable you to focus on the most important thing: building your company. We get it.

We've been there (several times), and we'll keep building for you.

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We listen

Our fast-growing customers kept asking for more and more, and now we build for their teams and external service providers too. But we always go back to our compass and listen:

- Founders want affordable
- Founders want on-demand
- Founders want scalable
- Founders want chat
- Founders hate email and paperwork
- Founders want organised
- Founders have a million things to do
- Founders can't focus on admin
- Founders just want it done
- Founders adopt software quickly
- Founders give feedback
- Founders expect iterative improvements

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Our values

Fair and friendly

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At early stage, you need something affordable! So we made it exactly that way.

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We reply to every message within minutes or hours. And we do Zoom, meetings, phone and email when you need.

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We pledge attention to detail. Inkle's CEO and CTO review every task, chat and filing every day.

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Multi-entity, cross-border startups have unique needs! We got it and built for this use case, when we saw no-one else was.

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