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We have quite a lot of applications and features made for founders to claim loads of perks, raise requests with investors and VCs, communicate in our public forums and much more.


Software discounts and service provider introductions

From cap table softwares to law firms, access hundreds of discounts and introductions with 1-click requests and integrations.


Securely release
data to investors

Quickly add files from Inkle's filings history: books, tax filings, compliance history. Release permissions to specific investors.


Connect with other Inkle customers

Ever get that feeling that surely there must be thousands of founders like you are who are all wondering about the same queries? Connect with them! Discuss in our new Inkle Forum on Slack, get community and expert answers.

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Hundreds of pages
of detailed advice

Our world-famous handbook breaks down into chapters on flipping, structuring, filings and much more. Years of our research in one place so you don't have to dig it up yourself!

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