Inkle Investor Updates Feature: Bridging Communication Between Founders and Investors

Inkle Investor Updates | Streamline Insights and Metrics

Inkle, the chat-based CPA for US cross-border companies, is revolutionising US compliance and bookkeeping for cross-border founders. Expanding their range of services, Inkle introduces "Investor Updates," a feature designed to help founders share timely, concise, and informative updates with current and potential investors, supporters, and stakeholders. 

Founders can streamline investor communication while presenting key metrics and insights by leveraging the available information through Inkle, such as cash balance, MIS (Management Information System), profit and loss statement etc..

In this blog, we will explore the key features of the Inkle’s Investor Updates and provide an example of how founders can effectively utilise this tool to keep their investors well-informed.

Concise and Informative Updates

The Investor Updates Feature empowers founders to deliver concise and informative updates. By consolidating relevant information into easily understandable summaries, founders can ensure that their investors stay informed without overwhelming them with unnecessary details. This feature allows founders to focus on delivering the most crucial updates regarding financial performance, product development, team milestones, and growth strategies.

Structured Email Templates

With customisable email templates, founders can impress their investors by presenting visually appealing updates. Inkle provides a range of professionally designed templates that founders can personalise to align with their brand identity. These templates make it effortless to present data, highlight key metrics, and deliver updates in an aesthetically pleasing and engaging format.

Transparent Cash Balance Reporting

Transparency is paramount when it comes to investor relations. Inkle's Investor Updates Feature lets founders provide their investors with the latest, verified US bank account cash balances. By offering real-time cash balance reporting, founders can foster trust and confidence in their investors, ensuring transparency and accuracy in financial matters.

Document Attachment

To support their updates, founders can attach financial and other relevant reports to provide in-depth insights and showcase milestones. This feature allows founders to present data-driven evidence of their progress, helping investors evaluate the company's performance and make well-informed decisions. By including attachments, founders can deliver a comprehensive overview of their company's financial health and prospects.

Notes on Product, Team, and Growth

Inkle's Investor Updates Feature goes beyond financial reporting. Founders can add personal notes to their updates, providing valuable context and sharing insights on product development, team milestones, and growth strategies. This personal touch humanises the updates and helps investors understand the company's vision, progress, and plans.

Logging Key Metrics

Tracking and reporting key metrics is essential for investor updates. Inkle simplifies this process by allowing founders to log their most important metric month-on-month with a simple one-line report. This streamlined approach ensures that founders can consistently track and communicate their key performance indicators (KPIs), providing investors with a clear understanding of the company's progress and trajectory.

Customised Recipients

Inkle's Investor Updates Feature allows founders to create customised mailing lists and send targeted updates to different groups of recipients. Whether it's current investors, prospective investors, angels, or well-wishers, founders can tailor their updates to suit each audience's specific interests and needs. This personalised approach ensures that founders can deliver the right information to the right stakeholders, maximising the impact of their updates.


Let's consider a fictional company, Acme Inc., and how its founder, Sarah, utilises the Inkle Investor Updates Feature. Acme Inc. recently secured a new round of funding, and Sarah wants to keep her investors updated on the company's progress.

Sarah crafts a concise and informative update, summarising the key highlights of the past quarter. Using the structured email templates provided by Inkle, she selects an aesthetically pleasing template that aligns with Inkle Inc.’s brand identity. She includes the latest cash balance report, showcasing the company's financial stability and growth. Additionally, Sarah attaches the quarterly financial information and a product roadmap to provide a comprehensive view of the company's performance and plans.

To add a personal touch, Sarah includes a note expressing her excitement about the product's latest features and the team's milestones. She also shares her growth strategy for expanding into new markets.

Sarah logs Inkle Inc.'s monthly active users (MAU) as the key metric and highlights its month-on-month growth. This allows investors to track the company's user acquisition progress easily.

Lastly, using the customised recipient feature, Sarah segments her investor base and sends tailored updates to current, prospective, and angel investors. This approach ensures that each group receives updates aligning with their interests and investment preferences.

The Inkle Investor Updates Feature empowers founders to streamline their investor communication by providing comprehensive tools and features. By leveraging Inkle's existing data and functionalities, founders can effortlessly share timely, concise, and informative updates with their investors. 

From structured email templates to transparent cash balance reporting, document attachments, personal notes, key metric logging, and customised recipient lists, Inkle equips founders with the means to strengthen their investor relations and enhance transparency. With the Inkle Investor Updates Feature, founders can effectively communicate their progress, achievements, and growth strategies, ensuring their investors stay engaged and well-informed.

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