Decoding Inkle: SaaS platform for US accounting and Tax Automation

Inkle - Transformative SaaS Accounting Platform For Modern Startups

The rising need for Agile and Dynamic Accounting Professionals 

Isn’t it fascinating to see how fast things move in the digital world?

Today’s fast changing world of business environment plays a premium on time. The ability to respond to challenges and drive market change quickly is the fundamental measure of an agile business. 

Continuing to realign and refine an organisation's strategy for simplification of complex processes is at the forefront when it comes to driving innovation especially across borders. 

Businesses these days are demanding more from CFOs, Finance Controllers, Data Scientists, Accounting professionals, CPAs and other finance fraternity in terms of simplifying the complex compliances and accounting that companies get to face as they migrate internationally. 

Keeping pace with the agility and rapid digital transformation happening globally, we at Inkle are building a product that combines strong accounting knowledge with simple bookkeeping tools to create workflows that are efficient and error-free for startups. 

Decoding The Challenges That SaaS Founders Face

Most startups are aiming for aggressive growth but often the complexity of compliances and bookkeeping get in the way. The need for a comprehensive and simplified compliance management tool was the need of the hour. 

Some of the most common bottlenecks that the SaaS founders faced are:

  • Navigating through the US regulatory environment can be challenging for many founders. 
  • Finding it difficult to handle the compliance and reconciliation of funds, the startup founders end up paying exorbitant money to the banks and CPAs to get their compliances done. 

Valuing the right voices in this digital ecosystem, Inkle is on a mission to address this pain point for founders based out in the US<>IN.

The Solution: Why Inkle?

Inkle, a toolkit delivering simple solutions to Indian and US based SaaS Startups registered in the US. The software combines the expertise of its talented accounting team and transformative tech that makes the lives of the startup founders running a business in the US easy. 

Every business needs bookkeeping services globally. 2 in every 5 of the Indian startups based out in the US have accounting and fund transfer challenges because of the exorbitant costs of the third party applications.

While Inkle is designed for speed, efficiency, and seamless accounting experience for businesses, it gauges its value in terms of the efficiency and turnaround time that we take vis a vis our competitors. 

While we have an array of services to cater to, some of them are:


It assists you with simple computation summaries, deadline tracking, and filed document history for US State and Federal taxes. Our platform also aids you with US compliance filings for FBAR, Delaware Franchise Tax, BE-12, Form 1120, and more.


Our Inkle books is an accounting platform that integrates with current accounting programmes. Your data is seamlessly integrated with other solutions, and your transactions are categorised and synchronised with your current accounting software with ease.

Mailroom and RA

We help you setup a virtual mailing service offering a consistent U.S. physical address that you can access via our platform from anywhere, at any time. In addition, achieve compliance with the mandatory regulatory requirements set by each State Secretary of State with Inkle Registered Agent facility.


Inkle Transfer Pricing Payments is fast, secure, transparent, and compliant. It fetches you with transparent FX rates, with no brokerage or hidden fees involved, helps you remain compliant helping you with adherence to ongoing practices, your money is securely handled by top global financial institutions, and you can track your transaction status and get the settlements done lightning fast.

These are yet some of the essentials every c-corp company needs for its accountancy needs. For this, there are some tips here.

Intersection of Customers, CPAs and Transformative Accounting Tools

While technology is at the heart of every startup, a culmination of the desired skills, customers and tech would replace the dependency on traditional ways of bookkeeping. 

Inkle’s quick, affordable, and accurate product delivers speed while reducing the headache of keeping a tab on the last deadlines. It also facilitates the accurate and seamless movement of data across various systems.

Our software offers multifaceted support for tax and compliance, a chat feature to connect with professionals, automated accounting books and records, transfer pricing payments, and last but certainly not the least, a crucial feature that helps you maintain records and corporate documents in an integrated secured vault. 

Closing Thoughts

There are a plethora of accounting formalities and US federal compliances that need to be filed monthly and yearly. Why not opt for a toolkit that not only helps you to keep pace with the filings and compliances but also sends you reminders of the due dates. 

Is your startup ready to leverage the potential of a compliance toolkit that fits your business needs? 

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