Cut Costs on International Transactions: A Forex Fee Guide

Cut Forex Fees for Cheaper International Payments

Imagine you are a small business owner, and you've just made a deal with a supplier from the US. You signed the contract and are ready to send the payment. However, when the transaction is completed, you notice that the supplier received less money than expected, and your account was charged more than you calculated. 

This is because of forex fees, hidden costs for every international transaction. Understanding these fees is important for managing your finances and can greatly impact your business's profitability and your personal finances. This guide will help you understand forex fees and find ways to save money with each overseas transaction.

What are Forex Fees?

Forex fees, or foreign exchange fees, refer to the charges imposed by banks, credit card companies, and other financial institutions for converting currencies. These costs are typically concealed within the exchange rate provided or disguised as an additional service fee. Whether you're sending money overseas, purchasing items from a foreign online store, or embarking on international travel, forex fees will affect the total amount you pay or receive.

Types of Forex fees:

  • Fixed transaction fees: These are flat fees charged by your bank or transfer provider every time you conduct an overseas transaction, regardless of the amount sent.
  • Percentage-based Fees: Some services charge a flat rate, while others base their fees on a percentage of the total transaction value.
  • Currency conversion spreads: The gap between the wholesale exchange rate (the rate banks provide each other) and the rate you're quoted often doesn't match. This variation is an important source of revenue for providers on overseas transactions.
  • Additional service charges:  Fees for faster transfers, receiving money, or utilizing an intermediate bank to help with the transaction can lead to additional service charges.

Factors Influencing Forex Fees

  • Transaction size: The fee structure can be influenced by the size of the funds being transferred. Certain services impose reduced percentage-based charges on transactions of greater value, whereas others might apply tiered pricing structures.
  • Currency pairs involved: Not every exchange of currencies is the same. Due to increased liquidity, major currency pairings like USD/EUR or GBP/USD sometimes have reduced costs; however, other pairs could cost more because they are traded less frequently.
  • Payment methods: Additionally, expenses may be affected by the payment method selected. Credit card transactions frequently incur greater transaction fees when compared to bank transfers processed through the service provider's platform.
  • Intermediary and receiving bank charges: When your money crosses borders, it moves via intermediate banks before arriving at its final destination. Each of these institutions can deduct fees. Furthermore, the recipient bank may levy a fee for accepting overseas payments.

Impact of Forex Fees on Your Transactions

  • Transferring money internationally can actually be more expensive than you realize, not just in terms of the amount sent. The true cost includes hidden foreign exchange fees that can significantly raise the overall price of the transaction. This particularly concerns businesses with narrow profit margins, as these fees can greatly impact their earnings.
  • It incurs various fees such as spreads, commissions, and swap rates. Spreads refer to the gap between the buying and selling prices of a currency pair. Some brokers levy commissions in addition to spreads, particularly in ECN accounts. Swap rates or rollover fees are applied when a position is kept open overnight.
  • Due to the deduction of various fees along the way, the recipient frequently receives a lower payment than the initial amount transferred. This mismatch can have serious consequences for people who rely on overseas support from family members or businesses that are anxiously awaiting payments.

Alternative Solutions for International Transactions to Minimize Forex Fees

In the global business arena, being able to swiftly conduct transactions across countries is not just a perk; it's an absolute must. Inkle Transfer Pricing Payment tackles this challenge head-on with user-friendly features that streamline the international payment process.

Here's how Inkle Transfer Pricing Payment stands out:

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Seamless intercompany transfers: Smoothly transfer funds between companies with our seamless service. Competitive exchange rates, next-day settlements, and compliance with FIRA make it a breeze to send money from USD to INR.

Integration with existing solutions: Connect your existing accounting software effortlessly with our integrated solution. We'll import data from Plaid and bank statements so you can categorize and sync transactions without any hassle.

Security: Inkle TP Payments ensures the safety of your funds by transferring them through the top 4 global banks, bypassing our accounts. As a bonus, each transfer includes a complimentary FIRA that you can easily access from your dashboard whenever needed.

Speed: With Inkle TP Payments, we guarantee T+1 settlements, meaning your funds will be in the recipient's bank account within one business day. Plus, we provide real-time updates on the status of your transactions so you're always in the loop.

Convenience: Say goodbye to annoying calls and emails from bankers asking for disposal instructions. Inkle offers complete oversight and support through our chat feature, ensuring a hassle-free experience. We even make it easy to reconcile against invoices as you go, following industry best practices and aiming to minimize end-of-year headaches.


For small businesses involved in international transactions, it's crucial to know how to deal with forex fees. Understanding the different types of fees, what factors affect them, and how they impact your transactions can help you make smarter decisions to protect your company's finances. Inkle Transfer Pricing Payments is a great solution that brings transparency, efficiency, and cost savings. It ensures you keep more of your hard-earned money by offering a user-friendly interface, quick account setup, and seamless integration with existing systems. Reduce the burden of forex fees and boost the profitability and sustainability of your business in the global market with Inkle TP.

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